Just a day at home with 2 little boys ~ Waco Family Photographer ~ Travel Session/ Gig Harbor, WA

I've known Lindsay for most of my life, and she is just as sweet as she is beautiful! This is the second time this sweet family has had me out to their lovely home to photograph them, and this time, little Charlie was part of the gang! Linds and Chris, is it cool with you and if keep my fingers crossed for a #3? :)

Color or black and white? I can't decide!

7 Ops ~Waco Family Photographer (Travel ~ Olympia, Washington)

I've talked many times on here about how I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. What I love is getting in touch with dear friends who I haven't seen in years! When I mentioned on facebook that I would be in Washington shooting for a couple days Jill contacted me and said she wanted a session. FUN! There was a time when I spent more time at Jill's house than my own, so it was so fun to re-connect with such a dear friend. The afternoon was filled with lots of laughter and memories, and between you and me, I hope I get to do it again sometime. :) xo

Home for the Holidays ~ Waco Family Photographer

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you to all of my clients who trusted me to capture their lives in 2011, it is truly and honor to do what I do and I am so thankful for each one of you! Here's to a fabulous 2012! When Susan contacted me and explained that her whole family would be together for the holidays and asked if I had time to photograph them, we looked at our calendars and had 1 day that would work! Before everyone had to fly/drive home that very day, what was captured was this family, just as they were in December of 2011. This was my last session of the year and it was a great way to end 2011 and got me all excited for what's to come in 2012! Here are some of my favorites from our time together! xo

B is 5! {Personal} ~ Waco Child Photographer

On November 2nd my baby girl turned 5. Every year around her birthday I do a shoot with her to commemorate her turning a year older. Last year I did a more urban setting so this year I opted for a nature  setting in her new birthday dress. I think she looks beautiful, but then again, I realize I'm biased. :) Happy Birthday to my favorite subject and inspiration, I love you, B! xo


*Just to clarify b/c I've received several comments, B is not wearing lipstick, those are her natural colored lips (albeit a bit chapped on this day).

A Playful Morning in the Gaines House~Waco Family Photographer

Joanna said she wanted a casual shoot at home, DONE! I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again (over and over and over....), I l.o.v.e. photographing families in their homes. I love the comfortability that comes from being in your own surroundings, I love the coziness of kids having all their toys and blankets within reach, I love seeing real.every.day.life. and capturing just that. So, without further ado, here is the cutie patootie Gaines family on a lazy Saturday morning. And I'm just going to go ahead and say it, no, its not fair that this much cuteness is in one family! Thanks guys, lets do it again sometime, shall we? xo


Holiday Mini Sessions are here!

It's that time again....holiday cards are going to start filling your mailboxes soon! If you are interested in a mini session here in Waco, here's the scoop: I will be doing 2 days of mini sessions, Saturday October 22nd and Sunday October 23rd, 3 sessions on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.

Mini sessions last 20 minutes and there will be 2 locations to choose from, Saturday will be a more urban/rustic/downtown Waco vibe and Sunday will be more rural/grassy/scenic vibe.

Session times will be as follows:











What you get:

a private online gallery for 5 days of 12 edited images, out of which you can pick 5 digital files with a copy right release  (if you want to buy the remainding 7 images you can do so for $100), and you can purchase prints 25% off the regular price.

How much will it cost?

Holiday mini sessions are $200 which is due at the time of booking.

If you want to book a holiday mini session or if you have any questions please shoot me an email: molly@mollywinnphotography.com  Hope to see you soon! xo

Here's an example of a session for Saturday, urban feel...


and here is an example of a Sunday session, more rural vibe...

Green Grass ~ Waco Family Photographer

Forever ago when Courtney and I talked about the vibe she wanted for her shoot and where she wanted it to be, etc. she said she thought grass was really what she wanted, more of a rural feel. No problem! Well, then summer came, a HOT Waco summer, and with that, a drought. So, after traveling this summer I came back to a VERY brown and dry Waco. As the Albert's shoot was approaching I was starting to sweat it a bit (literally and figuratively, its been in triple digits here for months!), there was no green grass to be had anywhere!! A few days before their session I set out to scour Waco and figured there had to be green grass somewhere! After driving aimlessly I finally found some!! Needless to say, this spot is going to be my secret weapon from here on out! It was a lovely warm morning when this shoot took place, and this cute family was up for anything, my kind of crew! I'm kinda in love with their photos and I'm secretly (or not so secretly :)) hoping we get to do it again sometime! Thank you for letting me be the first to capture your beautiful family, Alberts! xo


Meet Sam ~ Waco Baby/Family Photographer ~ (Travel Session, Seattle, WA)

It was so hard waiting 4 months to meet Sam! One of my oldest and bestest friends gave birth to Sam in March and I finally got to meet him at the beginning of August! As you can see, he's a doll. I loved him before I met him, but now I love him even more. Jen, Bill, and Sam, I love your sweet family of 3, so glad I got to capture your new life. xo


Yellow Chairs ~ Waco Child/Family Photographer ~ (Travel Session, Seattle, WA)

When I was driving to meet this beautiful family I passed these yellow chairs that caught my eye, I knew they had to make their way into a few photos before our session was over. Well, we made our way to the yellow chairs but they were bolted to the table which made my "vision" not possible. Hmpf! We still managed to get them in a few shots, but really, this family doesn't need anything extra, they bring all the cuteness on their own. :) This was my second time photographing these beauties, and really, I'm already giddy for the next time! xo


And Hadley Makes Four! ~Waco Child Photographer/Family Photographer ~ (Travel Session, Snoqualmie, WA)

While on my vacation to the northwest I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family for the second time, only this time baby Hadley was in the photos too! (Well, technically she was in the last ones too but no one knew it at the time!). I adore this family and was super excited to photograph them at home just being them. They spend a lot of time in their back alley chalking the street so we did some of that too. I love capturing every day life. Thanks Thibeaus, until next time! xo

I know this image of Heather and her girls is a tad blurry, but all the love in it makes me not care. :)


A day in the life of the Hill family ~ Waco Children/Family Photographer ~ (Travel Session, Seattle, WA)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE photographing clients in their homes! I love the personal touch and just the coziness of doing every day life. I've also said this before, I love photographing families year after year and seeing how the kids grow, how family dynamics change with age and time, etc.. (This was my second time photographing this beautiful family). One more thing that I love, as I was leaving to get in my car Nicolle said to me "see you again next year!" Thank you for the fun, cozy, summer evening, Hills, already looking forward to next time. xo