Green Grass ~ Waco Family Photographer

Forever ago when Courtney and I talked about the vibe she wanted for her shoot and where she wanted it to be, etc. she said she thought grass was really what she wanted, more of a rural feel. No problem! Well, then summer came, a HOT Waco summer, and with that, a drought. So, after traveling this summer I came back to a VERY brown and dry Waco. As the Albert's shoot was approaching I was starting to sweat it a bit (literally and figuratively, its been in triple digits here for months!), there was no green grass to be had anywhere!! A few days before their session I set out to scour Waco and figured there had to be green grass somewhere! After driving aimlessly I finally found some!! Needless to say, this spot is going to be my secret weapon from here on out! It was a lovely warm morning when this shoot took place, and this cute family was up for anything, my kind of crew! I'm kinda in love with their photos and I'm secretly (or not so secretly :)) hoping we get to do it again sometime! Thank you for letting me be the first to capture your beautiful family, Alberts! xo