Serra Family ~ Seattle Children and Family Photographer

I should be packing but am taking a break from that to post this session that I have been so so eager to share. I typically keep the chatter to a minimum on the ol' blog and let the photos do the talking, but I have to go on a bit about Kristie and how this shoot came to be. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to summarize how Kristie and I met and how I ended up photographing her beautiful family.  I'm not sure I can do all that in this little paragraph but I'm going to try. I don't remember the exact timeline but I would guess close to a year ago I came across Kristie's website/blog and was instantly in love. I loved her style, the crispness and soft tones that her images embraced ~ her photos were so full of life that I had to email her and tell her what a fan I was (and I even asked her several questions which she graciously answered!). From there our relationship/friendship started! Kristie was all the way in Florida and then one day I saw on her blog that she was moving to Seattle!! We of course had to meet before I left for Texas so, Seattle, Capitol Hill at Molly Moon's it was. Kristie, I'm not gonna lie, I was a TAD nervous to photograph you and your family (but you put me at ease right away!), your talent amazes me and I still can't believe how gracious and sweet you were to me via email before we even met! You inspire me, your photography inspires me, your love for your family is tangible, and I am genuinely from- the -bottom- of -my- heart grateful that you let me tell your family's story through my lens, what an honor. You were just as sweet as I thought you would be, I'm so glad I get to know you and now, get to call you my friend. xo