In Love ~ Kjrsten & Pete ~ Portland Couples Photographer

I often get asked if its easier to photograph a total stranger or someone I know?  The truth is, there are pluses and minuses to both and I'm genuinely not sure if I have a preference. With that said,  what I do know is that photographing another photographer is most definitely nerve wracking, but, they do know how to work it. :) Kjrsten is a dear friend of mine and captured Adam's and my 10th anniversary for us, I was happy to return the favor. Kjrsten and Pete have been married for nearly 13 years and have 3 adorable girls, you can read more about their life and see Kjrsten's work here.  Kjrsten and Pete, this was too much fun (and at times a little scary (insert crazy cows)), I say we make it a little tradition? Kj, I miss you already, thank you for making my year in Portland that much sweeter. xo