from the beach to San Diego ~ San Diego Children and Family Photography

I left the beach and headed to San Diego where I got to spend some (not enough!) time w/ my bff and take pictures of her sister's family. I think I spent just as much (if not more) time at Helen and Susan's house growing up than my own. I love that now that we're all grown up Helen gets to be my friend too and not just my bff's sister. :) Helen, your family is beautiful and I swear you get more gorgeous with each passing year!! Thank you H family,  for dodging sun spots with me and for a lovely Sunday afternoon. xo

Yes, I realize someone is missing in this photo. Sometimes kids need a break, so I took the opportunity to snap away while Claire  took one. (but aren't they so cute?! Emma looks like a model!)

and this is what Claire was doing. :)

but she rallied and I LOVE these.