beautiful beachy souls ~ Huntington Beach Children and Family Photography

Before I start in about how great this family is I must say, I've been having a heck- of- a- time trying to figure out the right dimensions/pixels/resolution, etc. for my new blog. I feel like the photos aren't crisp and the color isn't exactly right. Sigh. With that said, bear with me as I continue to figure out the kinks!  (and for my clients who are seeing their photos for the first time on my blog, please know they look better on your disc, promise!). Okay, enough disclaimer, onto this darling family of 3!  I've known Rachel for 13 years and believe me when I say, she is just as sweet as she is beautiful if you can believe that! I was thrilled when she married Danny, they are perfect for each other and little Brahm is one very loved little boy who makes this family all the sweeter. I adore you guys, thank you for the many laughs and for living at the beach and giving me an excuse to come shoot there. :) xo