Allyson+Kyle= Engaged! ~ Centrailia Engagement Photography

I think I've mentioned before that I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I can't stand the time wastage that often results on my end but I love the re-connections with dear friends. Allyson was one of my favorite people while I was in high school, we hung out all the time, early morning orchestra practices, double dated for prom, baked brownies when it was snowing and we had nowhere else to go, etc... I was so excited to find her on fb and pick up where our friendship left off. When I saw her it was like no time had passed, love that! I was eager to meet her fiancee' and beyond thrilled to photograph their engagements! Allyson, you are beautiful inside and out and haven't changed a bit! I adore you and am so happy you and Kyle have found each other!! Kyle, it was truly a pleasure to meet you, I wish you and Al all the goodness that marriage brings! xo

Allyson and Kyle are having a destination wedding so wanted a "pack your bags and head for the snow" vibe, it was sooo fun!